Saturday, July 26, 2014

After Dr. Marvey...oops! (Part 2)

The after was rather disappointing therefor I never really got around to blogging about it. So, here it is! Not much improvement. Sorry, Doc.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Dr. Marvey's Rescue Me Review-Part 1

I'm a big fan of gel manicures. BIG fan. Somehow, I got into the habit of getting it done at the salon with Gelish polish. I say "somehow" because how dare I, a stay-at-home-mom, indulge in such ridiculousness?! Well, it made me feel happy and "ready" and shiny and new. Yup. But then I saw that it was possible to do at home for a fraction of the cost and I jumped right in!! Yay! Hip hip hooray!! I LOVE my Sensationail Pro lamp and I use Sensationail and Red Carpet Manicure and Sally Hansen and whatever else I can find and it's FANTASTIC! (I even did a video tutorial, which you can find by clicking here: MlleGadget Paints Her Nails!) ;)

Now we turn to Rescue Me. 

Why, you may ask? Well, I've been known to peel my gel polish off from time to time often. And while it's possible to get away with this without doing any damage, I did some damage. Yup. I needed help. My nails were brittle and looked ready to break. I tried my old standby, Sally Hansen's Grow Strong. It just didn't cut it this time. Boo hoooooo!!! Oh, they grew alright - just not strong enough. A while ago I bought a three-part product by Dr. Marvey. I'd never heard of it, but it's plant-based and that sounded good to me. So, a few days ago, I put it on. First, I filed my nails down short to try to get a fresh start.  You apply two coats of the Nail Grow, allow it to dry, two coats of Nail It, dry, and then apply Nail CPR daily. The Nail CPR is like a cuticle gel/oil and I love it. I will say that I am not very patient and, being used to gel polish, did not let the stuff dry quite enough! But it still looks pretty as long as you don't look too closely. This is a shot of my nails from last night.
I'll see how it goes. It's supposed to show results after 5 days! Bring it on!!

Stay tuned for the Day Five Review.....

ps. i am not affiliated with any of the aforementioned companies