Thursday, July 11, 2013

Dream Dinners to the Rescue!

does anyone else do Dream Dinners? do you know what it is? no, I do not work for the company, i just love it!!! i wish i thought of it! i mean, i thought a thousand times of doing the cook-all-day-sunday thing in order to have meals prepared for the week and i know people who do this (you know who you are), but as the years have slipped by i have come to the realization that YEARS HAVE SLIPPED BY and I've never, not once, spent a sunday preparing meals for the week. once, i made two bread loaves worth of sandwiches for lunches to freeze and it was a miracle. it made life so easy, just like i always knew it would. (note to self: do that again) 

Dream Dinners lets me have that easy feeling about dinner all the time! it's fantastic. today i came home with 14 meals all ready to go, a lot of them with sides!! i keep a list in the kitchen (that they send home with me) and mark things off as I prepare them and note our opinion of the meals so i can plan for another time. the monthly menu changes every time. there are sides and desserts available to purchase. the shop is clean and the ocd girl inside of me sings at the organized-ness. 

i love it. how about you? how do you like to plan and prepare meals?

here's the site in case you want to check it out: Dream Dinners

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Wanna-know Wednesday one

hi, everyone! i'm excited to let you know that i'm starting a series called "Wanna-know Wednesday"! that's right, i want to know about you. ----not too much, haha! just some simple and silly things. i thought of this as i was doing the thing i'm about to ask you about and wondering if anyone else is quite as crazy as i am. let's begin. 

do you label your label maker? yup. i do. okay, okay, maybe not the label maker, but the charging cord. and all my other cords. yes, this cord happens to clearly say "Dymo" on it, but the writing is too small for me to instantly recognize, so i printed up a big ole label. yup. yup. yup.

so it's really going to be two questions to start with:

1. craziest thing you've ever labeled
2. craziest organizational thing you've caught yourself doing/wishing you could do

make me laugh, people!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

summer loving

so summer has finally begun around here. yay! and i am so excited/nervous to have more time with the kiddos. they are awesome, funny, fabulous, inspiring and ..... anxiety causing! so far, so good, though. beauty and i had a girls' day while handsome was at his first day of a 2 week camp. we all enjoyed our days thoroughly only to dissolve into whining and reprimanding immediately after camp. we recovered quickly, but how annoying!!??? anyone out there with suggestions for easing the transition from constant on-the-go to s-l-o-w?? anyone??