Friday, November 16, 2012


bummer. seriously. 

i honestly intended to organize my home (see older post), but i somehow managed to kill my back. oh, and break my sewing machine. the latter problem has been reconciled, the former is being seen to with the help of my new chiropractor, dr. w. aaaahhhhhhh.

and who knew i had scoliosis? not i. but seeing that x-ray proved it. very interesting. 

luckily, i did manage to work on a curtain after my new sewing machine came home. i think it looks very pretty. unfortunately, in my rush to get it done and try out my new machine, i measured incorrectly and made it too short. wah.. i can still see my neighbors. luckily i have more fabric and this can just become something else....

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

we are not prepared, but we will be soon!

so this time i've decided to join toni hammersley's disaster preparedness challenge. to join me, click on the picture below.

we just made it through hurricane sandy, but in all honesty we would have been in serious trouble if we didn't get power back after a few hours. we barely knew the storm was coming because i seem to live with my head in the sand and were searching for flashlights as the storm was reaching scary status. NEVER AGAIN. what was i thinking? i am a mom to two beautiful, trusting children and an amazing (and VERY important) dog. i should be ashamed of myself....and am. but i'm moving forward and getting prepared. phew.