Friday, October 12, 2012

Friday...or is it Myday?

i love Fridays! i don't know why since i am at home everyday, but Friday just feels good every time. Friday conjures all sorts of feelings and memories for me - from excitement to relaxation, from sleepovers to long nights reading. i just love it. now that i have children, it's no different. except that i actually get to stay in pjs, if i should so choose, while i get my Friday on. things i love to do on a, organizing, crafting, shopping, making cocktails, watching movies with popcorn! i love it all! but on a Friday, it just feels more exciting and fulfilling.  why is that? anyone?

today i'm remembering a Friday night sleepover with a dear friend which included my first pimple, a trip to Jordan Marsh, and a surprise "yes" from mom when i asked her to buy me an ice cream maker!! what a great day. even the pimple was a right/rite of passage. (in retrospect, the first in a long and never-ending line of evil blots on my visage. sigh.) the feeling i had on that Friday, that life was inherently good, is for some reason the same feeling i have almost every Friday. 

hence, Myday.

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