Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Day 1...or is it night?

and so i'm doing it. everyone else is doing it, so why shouldn't i? today i've spent the majority of my day surfing the blogosphere while looking for better ideas to do some of the things that need doing. i found some great ideas -more on those later, but while I was "out there" i realized that i may have something to contribute. and maybe not, but at least i can try to start documenting the things i do. goodness knows my memory doesn't document things very well for me!

one of the great blogs that i've been following for a while is a bowl full of lemons and i'm going to start my blog by joining the Home Organization 101class. 

we are apparently in week 5, the laundry room. that's great because i have been "in the middle of" my laundry room makeover for about a year now. i know for sure because i wrote the date on the can of primer i bought and only used on half of the walls. yup. this is how we do it. sigh. i'll be posting pictures and all. talk about embarrassing. needs to be done.

i'm also tackling the curtain i'm making for the kitchen door. i can't stand that anyone who walks or drives by can see me before i've even seen them. i'm in my house!? hello?? so, since the door will not accept holes drilled by any drill be we've tried, i'm making a faux curtain. you'll see. ;)

for now, i'm off to continue some of these projects, take some pictures, and pack lunches for the munchkins. because munchkin-care is my number one priority!

updated 11.27: Bwahahahaha!! how funny am i? this SO did not happen. i promise myself that i will try again. just not this month. i do little things all the time and i will try to post those, but for now i am just going to have to dive head-first into Christmas preparation! -and First Communion preparation, which begins with First Penance preparation and that is in january! YIKES!!!! see how my life&brain work? yup, you do, because you know yours works the same way too.

i did make one curtain for my kitchen windows. yes, one. my machine has been replaced, but i have yet to learn how to really use the new one!

here it is:

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